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14th May 2006

amethystts6:53pm: Water Birth
Title: Water Birth
Word Count: 100
Characters: Harry, Hermione/??
Challenge: None
Author's Notes: My first post

Water BirthCollapse )

10th May 2006

happyeaster1:55pm: What Do You See?
Title: What Do You See?
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew (mentioned), Thestrals (implied)
Word Count: 100
-marauder100: Secrets and Lies
-potter100: Thestrals
-wormtail100: Holidays
-sirius100: Walls
-jp100: Padfoot
-hpsquick100: Secret Confessions

( What’re you thinking about, Prongs? )

17th October 2005

herbmcsidhe10:03pm: HP and the drug induced plot bunny
Not necessarily a squickfic, but I seem to have dropped all of my other HP communities...

a crack plot bunny from me and my honey...

If you haven't heard the plot about HP & The Half-Blood Prince, you may wish to forego this and crawl back under the rock you've been hiding beneath for the past few months.Collapse )
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25th January 2005

violet_quill5:44pm: Title: Who
Words: 100
Pairings: Harry/various
Challenge: secret confessions

You know how I told you I lost my virginity?Collapse )

12th January 2005

charlotteschaos5:21am: Drabble: Momma's Boy, R-ish
Title: Momma's Boy
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Draco/Narcissa (sort of) with Pansy
Warnings: Incest (sort of, there's no actual sex)
Notes: Written for hpsquick100's Secret Confessions Challenge

In-laws suck.Collapse )
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cravache7:48pm: More Food For Thought.
More Food For Thought by Toni.

PG-13. Implied foodsmut.


100 words.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

A/N: This a follow on from my fic, Food For Thought, which I wrote for the splendid little squick community hp_squick for their Squickmas Challenge.

(More Food For Thought)
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11th January 2005

florahart9:36pm: Closer Than You Think
Title: Closer Than You Think
Words: 100
Challenge: Telling a secret

Harry took a deep breath. "Um. I sort of. Okay. It wasn't supposed to be, exactly, um, but then. Right." He took an immense swig of firewhisky.

"My New Year's Resolution was to tell you this. Even though.. Fuck"

Ron stared. "Harry! Mate! You're scaring me. It can't be that bad!"

"It. Okay. So, I sort of. It was her idea."


"Remember how we used the Polyjuice? Second year?"

"…Yeah, so?"

"So, I thought she wanted to, um, but then she used Hermione's hair."

Ron blinked. "Who?"



"Christmas Day. Night."

"But. Hermione and I… Oh. Oh, fuck."

2nd January 2005

rillathegrape12:37pm: New Challenge
Happy New Year Everyone!

This week's challenge is secret confessions. One character has a secret and decides to start the New Year by getting it off his/her/its chest.

Have fun!

12th December 2004

rivulette4:13pm: The Last Laugh
Title: The Last Laugh
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Ron, Neville/?
Challenge: Christmas squick
Warnings: implied bestiality

This was one Christmas in which Ron was not going to let Fred and George get the last laugh.

Early one morning, he planted a flask labeled Toxic Xmas Spirits, but what was really toad semen, which Neville had laboriously collected over the course of several months, outside their bedroom door.

“Do you like my Christmas brew?” Harry asked him shyly.

“Not bad, mate.” Ron winked.

Harry flushed with the praise. “Oh, did I mention I tossed in a dash of Fred and George’s Christmas spirits? They let me have it for free.”

Ron spit out explosively. “You WHAT!?”

10th December 2004

mchoneygoose9:20pm: Title: Hermione’s gift
Word Count: 100

It was their first Christmas together and she wanted it to be special. She’d thought his gift request a bit unusual but what the heck, they were newly wed and she was all for a bit of adventure.

She got out the lights and the garlands and the sparkly baubles…just in time for when Ron got home.

“I said I like pee Hermione! I like pee, I want to cover you in pee and fuck you! Not tree you daft witch! Mind you, those baubles do look good hanging from your nipples…not sure about where those reindeer horns are though!”

7th December 2004

hawklaw10:09am: Words: 100
Characters: Snape, Umbridge, implied Umbridge/Filch
Warnings: Cellulite, baby talk, ShirleyTemple!Fetish, vomiting.

With apologies to the late, great Dorothy Parker whose immortal review of The House at Pooh Corner ("And it is that word 'hummy,' my darlings, that marks the first place in The House at Pooh Corner at which Tonstant Weader fwowed up.") inspired this.

Snape carefully levitated the lid from the giant package he had found dominating his library. To his horror, out popped Umbridge, clad in pigtails, a short, pink dress, and ruffled panties which exposed acres of jiggling thigh. Twisting one finger next to her toad-like mouth, she began to simper and sing.

“On da dood ship, Wowwypop…Oh! Professor Snape! I must have misjudged the Floo. This,” --running her hands suggestively over her body--“Is only for my Filchiekins.”

And it is that word 'Filchiekins,' my darlings, that marks the first time in his life at which Sevawus Snape fwowed up.
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5th December 2004

florahart5:54pm: Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
Words: 100
Challenge: Christmas

"It seemed like a good idea at the time," Harry said, blushing furiously. "I mean, we didn't realize… Look, it was kind of sticky, but it felt all soft…"

Hermione stared at him. "You do realize you're going to have to either wait for Snape to make up a potion, or Floo back to Hogsmeade, stuck together like that and hobble up to the infirmary."

Harry groaned. "It was icing! It should be melty from, um, heat!"

Hermione shook her head. "Muggle icing, yes, but Ron, you should have known better. Wizarding gingerbread-houses, the stuff really does turn to glue."
jess_faraday4:15pm: Title: Ho fucking Ho
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Snape/Harry/Draco
Challenge: Christmas squick

The clock struck thirteen. Blast and damnation, where were they then? A knock at the door. That was all he needed. Pulling his robe closed at the waist, hoping whoever it was wouldn’t notice the fabric tent below his belt, the Potions Master went to the door.
“We’ve come for our detention, sir,” they grumbled in unison.
It was not Hermione and McGonnagal. Not even close.
“Oh, it’s you,” he sighed, the tent deflating just a skosh. Then an evil look flickered across his face.
“Well, come in then, Potter. Malfoy. We shouldn’t let that reindeer costume go to waste.”
pockettheroach1:28pm: Christmas challenge!
Title: A Very Memorable Christmas Gift
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Ron, Fred, George, and er. Read. :D
Challenge: Christmas squick
Author's Notes: I hit 100 words ON MY FIRST TRY. That has never happened before.

I really hope Neville didn't see thisCollapse )
rillathegrape8:09am: Challenge!
Yay, first challenge of December. This week's challenge is seasonly festive. Let's squick about a holiday surprise gone horribly awry. Endless possibilities there!

On another note, this community has been extremely quiet as of late, and I'm hoping that we can get it more active. If anyone has any ideas on how to drum up interest, feel free to comment here.

28th November 2004

mchoneygoose12:24pm: pimping...with permission...thank you rillathegrape! ;-)
come and join hp_crimbo!

18th November 2004

mchoneygoose9:32pm: Vegetables challenge
Title: Puree!
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Arthur / Molly
Challenge: Vegetables

Read more...Collapse )
nibo2:12am: Pervy Carrot...*wink*
I really couldn’t help myself with the comment to carrots! For further explanation (if needed) read The Very Secret Diaries from LotR. I couldn't find any rules against cross-overs so I went there - oh yes, I went there.

Magical PleasuresCollapse )
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14th November 2004

frek10:08pm: Challenge!
*runs in at breakneck speed screeching to a sudden halt*

Meep! I worked all day today. Nearly missed my post! Either way... ON WITH THE SQUICK!

This Week's Challenge

as taken from a suggestion by florahart


Haven't you ever wondered what you could do with a carrot? Or how about a radish? Now's the chance to put your imagination to work. *grin* The sky's the limit.

Now I know you guys are creative. Let's see what you can come up with. I'm giggling with some ideas of my own!

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9th November 2004

rillathegrape6:56am: Challenge!
Great googley moogley, I forgot the challenge this week! Yikes! But here it is, only two days late.

This week's squick challenge is Moody pairings. Any pairing at all involving Alastor Moody and some kind of squick. Have fun!

2nd November 2004

mchoneygoose8:22pm: It's stuck!
Title: Filch can’t get it out
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Thankfully not Filch/Mrs Norris
Challenge: It’s stuck!

Filch pulled and pushed at the matt of hair surrounded the thing between his fingers. He tried everything, pulling it, gently teasing it, all to no avail. It was stuck fast and now Mrs Norris was beginning to claw at him.

Close to tears and increasingly desperate Filch shuffled quickly to the infirmary, Mrs Norris wriggling as he held her awkwardly to him.

“You’ve got to help!” he exclaimed “It’s stuck!”

Anxiously Poppy peered closer, and then sighed in relief as she saw the problem.

Poor Mrs Norris had a tiny little thorn embedded in the pad of her paw.

31st October 2004

florahart4:37pm: Title: Repent at Leisure
Words: 100
Challenge: It's stuck.
Rating: R

cut for ratingCollapse )

1st November 2004

ellensmithee12:41am: Challenge: It's Stuck
This week's challenge is to include the line "It's stuck" somewhere in the drabble.

31st October 2004

mchoneygoose10:04pm: Feet!
Title: Oh…darling
Pairing: SS/HG
Word Count: 100
Rating: R
Challenge: Feet!

Read more...Collapse )

30th October 2004

frek12:17am: Gah! I suck.

Guys, i'm so sorry! I completely forgot to post a challenge this week. :( I was going through a five day work stint (gah. I hate best buy.) and just lost track of LJ for the weekend.

I hope you all won't hold this against me.

ellensmithee should be up Sunday with a challenge, as it's a little late to post one now. And I swear I'll remember next time.

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