Closer Than You Think

Title: Closer Than You Think
Words: 100
Challenge: Telling a secret

Harry took a deep breath. "Um. I sort of. Okay. It wasn't supposed to be, exactly, um, but then. Right." He took an immense swig of firewhisky.

"My New Year's Resolution was to tell you this. Even though.. Fuck"

Ron stared. "Harry! Mate! You're scaring me. It can't be that bad!"

"It. Okay. So, I sort of. It was her idea."


"Remember how we used the Polyjuice? Second year?"

"…Yeah, so?"

"So, I thought she wanted to, um, but then she used Hermione's hair."

Ron blinked. "Who?"



"Christmas Day. Night."

"But. Hermione and I… Oh. Oh, fuck."
guilty desire

The Last Laugh

Title: The Last Laugh
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Ron, Neville/?
Challenge: Christmas squick
Warnings: implied bestiality

This was one Christmas in which Ron was not going to let Fred and George get the last laugh.

Early one morning, he planted a flask labeled Toxic Xmas Spirits, but what was really toad semen, which Neville had laboriously collected over the course of several months, outside their bedroom door.

“Do you like my Christmas brew?” Harry asked him shyly.

“Not bad, mate.” Ron winked.

Harry flushed with the praise. “Oh, did I mention I tossed in a dash of Fred and George’s Christmas spirits? They let me have it for free.”

Ron spit out explosively. “You WHAT!?”

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Title: Hermione’s gift
Word Count: 100

It was their first Christmas together and she wanted it to be special. She’d thought his gift request a bit unusual but what the heck, they were newly wed and she was all for a bit of adventure.

She got out the lights and the garlands and the sparkly baubles…just in time for when Ron got home.

“I said I like pee Hermione! I like pee, I want to cover you in pee and fuck you! Not tree you daft witch! Mind you, those baubles do look good hanging from your nipples…not sure about where those reindeer horns are though!”